Junior European Cup Sprint (30.09.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Stirling University
Land: Scotland, GB
Disziplin: Sprint
Distanz: 3.27 km
Zeit: 15:35
9th place (42 starters), 56'' behind winner Thomas Curiger.

Started aggressive, no problem at #1, but...
At first, my plan (probably) was to pass the green mess in front of control #2 on the north side. Then there were two walls next to the road, which somehow irritated me (I had not noticed them before) and I had to run down, where I took the first chance to correct my direction towards the north. I never thought of running on the path to the south, which directly leads to the cliff next to #2 and certainly is the best routechoice.
Although there were some tracks, I had to fight through the bushes to get to the cliff next to the control-side. Time-loss: at least 20''.
Despite the fact, that I fell down several times, the remaining forest-part of the sprint was ok.

#7: In general good choice. Micro-routechoice-mistake right before the out-of-bounds-area, where I should have avoided the stairs.

Small black-out right before passing the bridge at #15 / #16, where I was confused how to get back up to the bridge.

Surprisingly I just lost 2 more seconds (compared to Thomas) in the 4'-park-orienteering-part at the end of the course, which again gives me following feedback: I'm not that far behind. However, in order to achieve (even) better results in sprint-orienteering, I have to run on my physical limits from the very beginning and just stop doing mistakes. ;-)
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Junior European Cup Sprint (30.09.2016) Junior European Cup Sprint (30.09.2016)