Junior European Cup Long (02.10.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill
Land: Scotland, GB
Disziplin: Long
Distanz: 1.54 km
Zeit: 9:45
15th place (41 starters), 8'22'' behind winner Joey Hadorn.

In general I felt good this sunday morning. Right after a good warm-up, I started confident to aim for the first controls.
I lost some time to
#1 Maybe following the path would have been better.
#4 I had problems to see all this streams and flat valleys in front of the 2nd forest-road and also because of all the ferns on the ground I somehow lost my direction and ran too much to the west. Time-loss of ca 20-30''.
#6 Still not sure whats the fastest routechoice at this leg. The steep, overgrown slope at the beginning of my choice was pretty slow, but then it was okay. (Beside another 20'' mistake next to the control..). However, running to the south, following the road till the small forest-path leading up the hill and then attacking #6 through the runable, white forest, has to be the fastest variant.
#11 Good routechoice, some small problems due to deforestation in the end.
Small funfact: at control #11 at an intermediate-time of a little bit more than 30', Joey was already 3'51'' faster than anybody else (5'35'' faster compared to my time). Thats crazy...
#12 Small blackout when I was thinking about the following routechoice. Therefore I stopped for some seconds and then went straight, which probably was slower than running around to the left. Since I had no attack-point right in front of the big green area, I was a little bit scared, went slower, but missed the control (maybe 10m) and lost around 2' in total. Thats a really hard control in my opinion...
Otherwise good performance at the phi-loop.
#19 Big 2'-mistake, as I was following a norwegian runner (running M18), so came to the wrong control, but was distracted by Olli punshing it (he was already running the last loop). Stopped next to the small hill north of #19 till Flo helped me. Thx!

Too much mistakes this day! However, I really enjoyed orienteering in Scotland and as a junior at an international level. Let's start training for the next years!

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Junior European Cup Long (02.10.2016) Junior European Cup Long (02.10.2016)