Alpe-Adria-Orienteering-Cup Long, WRE (24/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sgonico
Country: Italy
Discipline: Long
Distance: 13.92 km
Time: 95:57
6th place (60 starters), 4'25'' behind winner Mikhail Mamleev.

Good race beside the fact that
I lost around 3-4' on the long leg to #4, probably because of running to passive and climbing the highest point of the hill right in front of #4 - #7. Would have been smarter to either run around on the path to the left or over the saddle, where I crossed the hill to #8.

Difficult to read the map at #6, thats why I went slower there.

30'' mistake to #13, where I was running too far and lacking in concentration to #24 where I lost about 20''.

Quite good speed in the end. Tough, but nice longdistance.
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Alpe-Adria-Orienteering-Cup Long, WRE (24/09/2016) Alpe-Adria-Orienteering-Cup Long, WRE (24/09/2016)