Alpe-Adria-Orienteering-Cup Middle, WRE (23/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gropada
Country: Italy
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.29 km
Time: 40:58
1st place (50 starters), first world-ranking-event victory!

I really like these kind of forrests, where it is hard to run and tough to orienteer well!

Overall good and stable performance, with a proper speed and fine flow!

However, it all started quite unsecure, when I could not keep my direction to #1 and crossed the first doline on the left handside, fighting through the first stone-field. I then adjusted my direction and had good luck to find the control immediately.

Had a nice flow till control #14, where I somehow missinterpreted my position and thought that I had not crossed the first stone wall and then ran into the wrong doline. It's that easy to create a mistake of 40''.

Afterwards I managed to take good routechoices at the longer controls and kept the speed up, that was fun!
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Alpe-Adria-Orienteering-Cup Middle, WRE (23/09/2016) Alpe-Adria-Orienteering-Cup Middle, WRE (23/09/2016)