STOLV-Cup Middle (11/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kirchberg am Wechsel
Country: NÖ, Austria
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.85 km
Time: 32:21
1st place (8 starters)
I had a good start and got used to the strange scale (1:6000) quite fast.

Lost a lot of time (~1') at control #15, where I started to run west just looking at my compass. While running I tried to find out the best routechoice and afterwards wanted to reach the big path next to control 5.
When I got to the path in the valley midway the leg, I just continued running fast, without realising where I exactly was. Here a tactical stop to check the situation would have been intelligent. However, I then started to interprete the terrain and the path network in a wrong way and started to search too early. Because I could not find the control I continued going west, as I still could not see the big open area behind #15. Luckily I found the small path right next to the control and had a fine attackpoint.
Another 35'' of time loss at #16: As I started in the wrong direction I passed the earth walls without noticing them. I simply wanted to gain some time after #15 and acted too hurried.

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STOLV-Cup Middle (11/09/2016) STOLV-Cup Middle (11/09/2016)