5. Austria-Cup, Long, H20E (03.09.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Eisenberg - Badersdorf
Veranstalter: SKV OLG Deutsch Kaltenbrunn
Land: Burgenland, Austria
Disziplin: Long
Distanz: 16.66 km
Zeit: 93:48
1st place (5 starters)

At a mass-start it's always quite fast in the beginning, but stayed in contact with speedy Rafi on the forest-road to #2. We splitted up at the phi-loop and afterwards, at control #11, I was 48'' ahead.
With a technical pretty stable race, I could increase my lead till the finish.

Lost some time to controls
#8 due to bad execution in the last part of the leg - attacking the control from the north side would have been better.
#11 due to a bad routechoice - it would really have been better to run to the south-east immediately and use the small paths/open forest till the junction where I was coming from the north.
#13 due to running to the refreshment-point - as it was really hot, I desperately needed to have a drink, ran directly & had a 30'' break, instead of using the road to the left.
#15 due to bad routechoice & execution - That was a big mistake of about 1'30''.
I thought to save some climbing and run along the slope, but that was a bad idea. In the end, I was way to far up the slope. Probably running straight would have been the fastest.
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5. Austria-Cup, Long, H20E (03.09.2016) 5. Austria-Cup, Long, H20E (03.09.2016)