World University Orienteering Championships Middle (03.08.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Javorkut, Miskolc
Land: Hungary
Disziplin: Middle
31st place (113 starters), 5'40'' behind winner Oskar Sjöberg.
I was really happy to be able to run the middle-distance as well, therefore I was highly motivated!
An adventurous journey ended next to the quarantine. I felt okay and got into the warm-up map quite well. I soon realized that an early start was not an advantage in this open areas next to the start. However, I wanted to do my best!

My races started fine, I was feeling fresh and fast while heading out to the beautiful forest and #1:
I tried to run a little bit to the right to be able to attack the control next to the cliff from the south side. Nailed it. At control #2 I forgot to read the control description properly and thought the control is situated on top of the ridge. Coming there and not seeing the control immediately, I soon realized it was situated next to the small cliff and went down towards it.

I was a little bit scared of #3 as it was the first control to be situated in the semi-open areas, where I thought it could be tough to navigate well. Therefore I ran safe without any problems.
After a quick look on the routechoices to control 4, I found no proper route other than straight, so I started straight, took the path for a while and tried to cross the green area at its thinnest spot. It was quite rough up the open field and so I thought its maybe better to stay on the slope and not run through the valley to the right. Coming down to the slope next to the control I was unsure where I exactly was but I was pretty sure the control should be to the right. Luckily I spotted #4 quite early. At this time of the course I was on 10th place, but already 47’’ behind.

To #5 I just followed my compass and french Theo, but got a little bit stuck in the green areas just before the control. Happy to avoid a bigger mistake at #6, as I made a direction mistake leaving control 5. Looking at the control-description, I chose to run around the doline to #7.

#8: I wanted to run along the slope and took the right direction right after leaving number 7. Because of better runability I turned more to the left and suddenly reached the big path. I was a little bit surprised but seized my chance and could really run fast towards the control. I just lost 1’’ on 3’ of split-time. Quite fortunate circumstances! ;-)
#9: Short stop at the stone 20m ahead, but okay. #10 was fine.

The first control (#11) in the difficult, green part of the course: Time loss of ca. 20’’ next to the control due to insecurity.
To #12 it would have been better to run down immediately, follow the dolines and then run up the open “lane”. I had no problems at #13.
To #14 I pushed hard through the green forrest, passed the first doline to the left and then followed the valley into the green mess. Coming next to the control I just saw the street, but not the control. I was searching at least for 30’’-40’’. I simply couldn’t and still cannot understand why. Maybe it would have been better to attack the control from the south side.
I was in a hurry when running down into the control-#15-doline and simply wasn’t calm enough to take the right direction from the deepest point of the doline and relocate the right lime burning place. Approximate time-loss: 50’’.

Coming out into the white forest after this messed up controls, I pushed very hard up the coming hills, as I was also feeling really strong physically. That was awesome! Till control #20 I had a good flow in my orienteering and gained eight places (29. – 21.).
Time behind split-best: #16: 10’’ #17: 3’’ #18: 11’’ #19: 6’’

#20: At first I ran too much to the right, but I realized this mistake when arriving at the path. Running down the doline I thought that the control has to be in the slope. Therefore I stopped and searched, but it was too early and more east of the control. Time-loss: ca. 30’’. Thinking back I’m still confused. Would have been nice to visit the area right after the competition.
I was aware of the difficulties of control number #21. I wanted to have a clear attack-point and waited for the clearing next to the small path. However, a good attack-point is not enough if someone is not able to keep the right direction when running through green areas. That was very stupid, I lost about 1’ searching.
To #22 I chose to run to the right and wanted to follow the fence. As it was very bad runability there I had to go back to the path, so again I lost some 20’’.

Another confirmation of my fine physical shape that day: 5th best split-time to the last control and best split into the finish.
On the one hand I had a great day running this awesome competition and I can be proud of my performances at some split-times, but on the other hand I simply made far too much mistakes that day (resulting in around 3’40’’ of lost time). With a perfect run, I’m still far (about 2’) away of winning a medal, at least Top-10 would have been possible.
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World University Orienteering Championships Middle (03.08.2016)