World University Orienteering Championships Long (01.08.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Csanyik, Miskolc
Land: Hungary
Disziplin: Long
Distanz: 16.59 km
Zeit: 108:19
56th place (103 starters), 24'13'' behind winner Rassmus Andersson.
Physically to weak for that kind of long distance. Suffered already after one quarter and had to fight all the way to the finish, without really enjoying the beautiful forest.

Had a bad start to #1 where I lost about 50'' because of running too far to the left. Routechoice to #3 was okay, but had problems at control #4, where I left the path way too early.
Bad routechoice to #6, I saved about 10m of climbing by running 400m more.
At the forked controls I had to run to the south in the first loop. I messed up #7 where I was searching too early.
#10: I took a crazy route by not checking my direction properly and just following the contours. I was really confused next to #11, because I simply could not find a single tree next to the border between the steep and "flat" part of the slope. In my subjective opinion during the race the control was in the steepest part of that slope.
After taking the first energy-gel during the spectator leg, I sadly could not feel any difference in my physical performances and had to walk up to #14 and #15.
I had problems coming to control #19. I was not sure where I was and ran to far to the east into the next small valley before I realised my mistake and turned back.
After a very tough uphill walk :/ to #20 I felt stronger on the path to #21 but than made a mistake by leaving the path and searching #21 to early. Furthermore I had problems to relocate in the slope and find the control in the right valley.
I was really happy to be in the finish after probably the toughest 108' in my orienteering career.

Really enjoyed sleeping and chilling the following afternoon! :-)
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World University Orienteering Championships Long (01.08.2016) World University Orienteering Championships Long (01.08.2016)