Junior World Orienteering Championships Relay (15.07.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Tarasp
Land: Switzerland
Disziplin: Relay
Strecke: 3, last
Distanz: 6.18 km
Zeit: 38:59
10th place (35 nations), 8'24'' behind winner Switzerland.

Jannis did a really good job on the first leg and Flo stayed in contact with the other teams competing for the top-10 or better, so I had a good position starting on the last leg!

Started quite fast and aggressive to get in touch with the teams that changed over just before we did.
Found my forkings easily and passed three teams before and in the steep part at the beginning, then I nearly always saw Alexander for GreatBritain, but never managed to get really close.
To #8 I was one of a few to run straight, but it was as fast as going down to the road on the right.
At the spectator-leg I was some 20'' behind Britain and nearly catched him on the way to #14 when he crossed the valley in front of me. I don't know why I continued to run in the direction of the valley and not turned right. I thought I will soon pass the march, but I relocated between the cliffs and nearly met Alexander when he headed to #15, but I had to go to #14. Now the fight for 9th place was over.
In the end I orienteered safe to secure Top-10.

Thats a good place and it was our goal to be among the 10 best teams, even if we lost five places compared to last year.
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Junior World Orienteering Championships Relay (15.07.2016) Junior World Orienteering Championships Relay (15.07.2016)