Junior World Orienteering Championships Middle Final (14.07.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Susch-Lavin
Land: Switzerland
Disziplin: Middle
Distanz: 4.1 km
Zeit: 26:30
8th place (60 starters in A-Final, 171 overall), 2' behind winner Thomas Curiger. I'm glad and proud that I sticked to my plan and tried to do everything like in the qualification the day before. (Thanks to Axel, Kerschi and all the others for the tip and advice!).
It also sounds nice to be the 8th best in the world in doing something that actually quite a lot of people do.

About the competition:
My start was pretty unsure, I was happy to find #1 without any problems. As I was aware of my insecurity I reduced the speed there. Time-loss of 14'', but those seconds were invested properly.
Got into the race to #2, where I found a good flow and the control immediately.
JWOC-Kraxel-Intervalle paid of to #3, split-time-winner! ;-)
Really had a nice attack-line to #4 and #5, but actually I would have been faster if I had passed the objects, that I wanted to see and not climbed them (e.g. all the small hills) - some improvments for elite-category - , but this leg was awesome!
Unsure to #7, but kept the direction not only because of the hills around, but also because of control-desription. Here my tactic payed off once again.
To long #8 I wanted to run from the left side, but then corrected my direction, as I thought I for sure can cross the cliffs somewhere more directly. Just followed my compass there and wanted to pass the cliffs, but I did not know where I was exactly. Afterwards I relocated quite quickly, but that was maybe the reason, why I ran that arc after the cliffs. Coming closer to the control, I was sure about my position on that small point-height 150m before. I continued in the right direction, but was a little bit too far left. Realised it when I went even more to the left, because ther was no control where I had expected it. Turned back to the north and found the control.
There I lost about 20'' next to the control, but 58'' compared to leg winner Joey Hadorn, who went straight. So probably about another 20'' because of my bad routechoice.
All the controls down to the spectator-leg went smooth, especially my route to #13 was fine and fast.
After the passage, I thought about staying safe! Up to #15 I was fast, but to #16 I wanted to visit the small pond to stay secure, so I attacked the control from below, which was at least 10'' slower.
To the last one, #17, I apparently was to tired to think and went straight down to the meadow instead of following the road. Again about 10'' of mistake.
Luckily, I lost no places due to these two mistakes in the end.

All in all, I could have made it to a 6th place and a desired Diploma (or even better), but I would have needed a even better race, which would have been a perfect one. Thats always difficult to have, so I should be satisfied! :-)

Thanks for all the support before, during and after this awesome competition!
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Junior World Orienteering Championships Middle Final (14.07.2016) Junior World Orienteering Championships Middle Final (14.07.2016)