Junior World Orienteering Championships Long (11.07.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Val Müstair
Land: Switzerland
Disziplin: Long
Distanz: 10.95 km
Zeit: 81:57
46th place (164 starters), 13'45'' behind winner Joey Hadorn. Really not the result I was aiming for and very disappointed afterwards.

About the race:
The goal was to have a good start in the difficult beginning and then keep up the speed till the very end. (Since I had some good split-times near the end in the sprint the day before, I was self-confident about my physical-shape, exspecially in the forrest.)
The first controls in open, alpine land till #4 went smooth and I really felt secure and in a good mood. On control #4 I catched up the runner who was starting 2' ahead and was in 6th position overall (7' running-time). Now its all about control number five, where I lost 4' and the whole race:

I chose to take the route in the north. I (probably) was to lazy to run straight up to the path, so I continued to go up on the slope and reached the path quite late. However, I continued without really checking where I exactly was. As I realised during analysing, I wasn't sure about my exact location the whole time while running on the path in the open slope.
While running there I saw the small, green hill up control #5, but (I don't know why the hell) I thought that it was one of the two hills before. So I continued to run and slowly turned right to get to the slope where I expected the control. The change in vegetation confirmed my thoughts, that I was right next to #5. I searched about 1' at the wrong ridge, then had a look down to the field next to the finish-area and saw the turning of forrest-roads. I slowly thought of being to far east. I turned back and relocated at the small stream, while feeling pretty desperate.
Luckily I found #5 quite fast and tried to focus on #6 beside of thinking about my mistake, but already my stupid routechoice to #7 showed, how I realised that the goal I was training for the last years suddenly wasn't reachable anymore.

The remaining race felt quite long and I felt both physically as well as mentally tired.
Short comments:
#7 the best was to follow the path to the east and then run along the meadow.
#9 it was faster to run to the north, and attack the control from the finish area.
#10 I took the same route as Joey but lost 1'34'', anyway one of my better legs.
#11 Too slow running for mistakes.
#12 - #14 really though to run uphill, my body felt empty
#15 - #16 nice open land again, at least it was beautiful there!
#17 straight would have been faster, but I was too tired for that
GPS-loss in the end
#18 - finish no big problems in the end, as it was going downhill ;-)

It would have been really nice to show that I normally can run better in this kind of forrest-beauty, but it simply was not my day.

Following Axels, Bindis and Chris' advice, I stopped thinking, being angry and worrying about the long distance before going to bed that day. Middle-distance on wednesday and thursday!

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Junior World Orienteering Championships Long (11.07.2016) Junior World Orienteering Championships Long (11.07.2016)