Junior World Orienteering Championships Sprint (10.07.2016)
Kategorie: Competition
Karte/Gebiet: Scuol
Land: Switzerland
Disziplin: Sprint
Distanz: 3.34 km
Zeit: 13:52
24th place (167 starters), 1'05'' behind winner Joey Hadorn. My best result in a sprint at JWOC.

Probably started a bit too slow, thought that my routechoice to #3 was bad, but as some other runners had good times taking the same route, it simply was my missing speed. (Loosing about 20'' because of that till #6.)
Felt better from #4 - #6, but had a blackout at control #7:

At first I stopped in front of the bigger street in order to make sure, that the bold contour-line was no artificial fence. Afterwards I went on, but ran to far and stood in front of the next building where I was wondering about the passage in between the houses south of the control-circle. I lost 25'' because of not getting the situation right.* In the end I relocated because of some spectators, thank you! ;-)

To long #8 I nearly took the best routechoice, I just overlooked the opening next to control 13, loosing 17'' on around 2' split-time.
Although I felt really tired in the end, I did a quite good job in the old town (#8 - #13).
On the last loop in the park, I tried to stay save, but ran fast if it was possible. That worked out quite well, as I was just loosing 1'' from #14 to the finish (3' running-time).

Summing up, my race could have been better with a more aggressive start (maybe I was a little bit cautious, because of the expected difficulties in the beginning next to the main street, we were wrong) and without my big mistake on #7.
However, subtracting these 45'' (I would have needed a perfect race for that), I'm still 20'' behind and just too slow for a medal in a sprint-competition. Anyway, it was really nice competition and a fine start into the JWOC-week!

*On tuesday I checked the location to understand my thoughts during the sprint. There was a passage in between the houses looking from the north side. Standing on the south side of the building (downstairs), everything was right and I found out, that it was the roof I could see while making my mistake.
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Junior World Orienteering Championships Sprint (10.07.2016) Junior World Orienteering Championships Sprint (10.07.2016)